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Sunday, January 31, 2010
11:46 PM

omtian i'm super lag.. wanted to go for the fansign but end up had no time to go =[

been busy/ slacking these few days..
quit my mediacorp data entry job last friday and went out to hang with friends.
went mind cafe on friday night and ended up reaching home super "early" nearly got slaughtered by mum. OOPS =p

then celebrated hairy old man's birthday on monday with fiqo and joanne.
watched legion..didn't know what sort of movie that was until i was actually in the cinema..gosh..was quite shocked due to that..
the movie was quite alright. Not really that scary, only the old lady part was freaky, with the eating of the raw meat and climbing onto the ceiling and all~

had class chalet on 28-30 jan at coasta sands downtown east.
quite fun^^
celebrated dong ping's birthday,played games, drank and got dp drunk!, watched a midnight movie "the imaginarium of dr parnasus" don't really get the movie, could be due to the fact that we were late for the show or the fact that i fell asleep halfway through the movie >.<
played pool, played arcade, spent lots of money, had bbq, watched dvds in the chalet..HAHA!

enjoyed myself^^
most probably meeting jing ying tomorrow after her meeting.