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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
10:49 PM

got my hands on TEGOMASS'S CONCERT!!
fell in love with this song.
the lyrics damn nice!

10:46 PM

眠れない ほど好きです 叶わない 小さな恋
君なんです 君のことです 布団の中 もぐりこんだけど
まぶしい その横顔 全然 届かないよ
忘れなきゃ 忘れられない 心の中溢れる

この片思いに 終わりがあるのなら 教えてよ
この片思いを 気づいて欲しい
後戻りできない 恋なんです

10:25 PM

hoho! spent quite a lot yesterday even though i'm like currently jobless..

went out with Jow-An (that's how hwee noy pronounced it..lol..right jo??) haha
i was late la..damn pai seh..somemore late for like more than 30minutes! gosh..really gotta kick this bad habit mine.
anyways, we met up for lunch and movie..
luch at MOF followed by movie- Valentine's Day.
the food not bad ah. we ate quite a lot. and when we were paying the bill, one of the waiter told us that if we came/ordered our food about 20 minutes later, we could have 30% discount cuz of student special.damn!
then there was the movie.the show not bad ah. it's somewhat sweet. lots of kiss scene.lol.
after that went bedok blk 85 for dinner with some of the peeps from 08s13. woah long time nv see them already! the food was alright la..but the standard wasn't up to my expections from what i heard about. haha..the sting ray was bad, cuz the meat was like hard! then the "hokkien mee" was too salty. the hokkien mee at the coffeeshop near my place tasted much better than that.

and here are 2 pics of the day..lol.


and that's darling JOjo!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010
5:32 PM


somebody relief me of this boredom!

i need a job..
any lobangs anyone???
rotting here!!!

many people working now, it's so difficult to find people to go out with me nowadays.
it's been a long time since i've felt so lonely =[
staring at the computer screen whole day long, if not that, then i'll be at my parents' stall slacking.
no life ~ even though A levels over already..
nobody pei me...

used to have a gd relationship with you, but i guess i blew it huh..
i guess it's my fault that we ended up like that.
how i wish we are close again just like in the past.
i know that i shouldn keep thinking about the past and move on, but it's just hard.
ah whatever. just ignore my ramble.

going out with dear joanne tml, then meeting sheree and a few others at BEDOK for dinner tml. gosh so far.
plus, the crazy stabbing guy hasn't been caught yet, so it's kind of scary to go home late >.<
i'm so gonna leave bedok at 9 tml.

Saturday, February 20, 2010
2:48 PM

happy birthday to all! today is "ren ri"..
time passes by so fast! it's the seventh day of the lunar month already..

last friday, kailing came to my mum at 6plus in the morning and helped all the way till 9 plus 10 at night..
the morning crowd was a horror..the whole stall was packed with people.literally 人山人海,川流不息。 all of us, including the workers at my mum stall were "pek cek" from serving all the customers. those aunties were really the typical singaporean- kiasu! a lot of them were at my mum stall as early as 5.30am..my dad had to lock the gates to keep them out. gosh! then around 3-4 zhen wei came and help too. the crowd at night though not as much as the morning, but was more compared to last year.
saturday morning pris and kailing came and help. crowd was more than the friday night crowd. so many of them wanted to place orders but we couldn't help them cuz we cant remember all of their orders.
anyway, though its a bit late..but, thank you my dears for helping out!!

then comes sunday! the first day of CNY!
nearly got dragged out of bed by dad at 8am =.=
then dad made breakfast and then we set off for grandma house.
didn't manage to meet shauna this year though =[
i was at my grandma's house all the way till 2pm. playing cards with my cousins, didn't gamble though.haha
then went home and waited for my maternal cousins to come.
dad cooked a spread of delicious food.yum^^
then we took a few pictures.



isn't Xenon cute!!!

heh..retarded shot!!

and that's clarence and me!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
10:13 PM

been jobless for 2 weeks already.
although that leaves me with no money but..
it gives me the chance to spend more time with my family, something which i haven't been doing since last year. kinda regretted it.
so now i'm gonna put family as my priority(should have done that a loong time ago)
been helping out at parents' stall these 2 weeks. CNY has led to increase in customers, which is a good thing, but that caused my parents to be quiet exhausted. =[
plus, its a tradition to open till late at night in the market 1 day before new year eve and the crowd is gonna be scary. i asked around s13 to see if theres anybody willing to help out. so PRISCILLA and ZHEN WEI said ok! ^^ thanks a lot! your help is very much appreciated!! asked darling XIN YI too..i'm so glad she's here to help out even though she has 5 history essays to do..THAnKS BABE! luv ya!! ^^

currently learning cooking from dad..haha..
managed to cook dinner for the whole family yesterday..it wasnt't that bad..surprisingly!
eh but i ended up burning my arm cuz of my carelessness. haha..
gonna work harder to be a better cook..hopefully there will be improvements^^

Thursday, February 4, 2010
1:37 AM

this is so disappointing man..we've been classmates for 2 years and NONE of you guys know what i'm like??? it's not 1 but the whole lot of you who went for the dinner tonight that misunderstood me. nice one..a job well done in getting to know your friend.
since when have i ever backed out of anything in the class? most of the time i'll be the one organising it or helping people to inform the rest of the class. and just this once i couldn't make it nobody gives me a chance to explain and ~viola~ the whole lot of you totally misunderstood me. really..GOOD JOB!
why do i even bother organising such stuffs when none of you appreciate it? why go through all the trouble?
and then there's still rui ting's birthday that needs to be organised. am i supposed to organise it this time round?? what's gonna happen if i don't do the organising??
seriously..you guys rock BIG TIME..thanks for making my day UTTERLY HORRIBLE^^

12:52 AM

seriously..some ppl is just bloody annoying and too free and go off barking at others, scolding them whatever they wish and don't even bother to go and find out the reason. and then he goes off again and scold ppl again just cuz he doesn't know who i'm refering to. "sometimes people are too absorbed with themselves till the extent that the world revolves around them, without looking at themselves in the mirror and blames the world for voicing out" this was what he wrote...
i think this is more like him refering to himself.
now this is targetted at him:
just cuz you are TOO FREE and too NARCISSISTIC , doesn't give you the right to go and shoot your head off at others without even understanding the whole situation first. YOU claim that others are weird when in fact, YOU are the one who's friggin weird. seriously. YOU are the one in a foul mood and YOU go around acusing others of what they have not done JUST BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS THINK THAT YOU ARE RIGHT! GET A LIFE MAN ASSHOLE!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
11:18 PM

olivia tay looks super weird now.
went to rebond my hair yesterday on a whip just because i felt like it.
my hair now looks super weird cuz the top part is too flat. besides this, i'm quite satisfied with the outcome..lol..
went to Courts to change the radio remote control cuz the sales person gave us thewrong one. Had to go back to causeway point to change it. the person who served me this time round had super bad service and attitude. he made me wait for like 10 mins before he went to look for the correct comtroller. plus he was texting people in the midst of checking the controller. and he was actually unhappy cuz he thought I was the one who made a mistake. Damn!! that took quite sometime..
after which i went to tm to meet some of the ppl from s13 for movie- tooth fairy.
funny show..sheree was laughing so loudly! haha i was too..HEHE!
well overall the show is not bad if you like a good laugh^^
got an interview tomorrow at 10am..hope i get the job!!!