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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
11:52 PM

biomechanics and physiology tests are both over, i should be feeling real happy now, partying and all..
but why aren't I the least bit happy..

i went simei straight after anatomy lecture and short proj meeting..
when i saw him i was utterly shocked..
how can a person change so much in such a short time??
he was walking perfectly fine the last time i saw him..
he had quite a hearty appetite the last time i saw him..
he had some weight around his face and tummy the last time i saw him..
he could walk long distances without panting, climb stairs without panting, walk without people supporting him, get out of bed without others' help the last time i saw him..
so why did he look so damn sickly and weak now???
i ABSOLUTELY ABHOR you cancer!!!!

she looked quite happy when i last saw her..
she had quite a tummy the last time i saw her..
so now why is she so thin and emo-ing all the time now???
that's why i REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE YOU cancer!!!!!

I feel so useless.
I don't have the power to do anything to help.AT ALL.
Why am I so USELESS?
somebody help.......

life is so fragile...
although i know everybody will have to die someday, but it just doesn't feel right to die at such an age, when your children are still young..
it's weird to know that the person that the children have been relying on will soon be gone and nobody will be there to support them anymore.
what is life???

Sunday, June 27, 2010
10:03 PM

nothing i've been studying is going into this stupid thick-headed brain of mine..
like seriously nothing..
how the hell am i suppose to score well or even pass the damn test tml like that???
i've been at it since 1pm..and nothing i've studied is sinking in at all..
and to think i worked considerably hard for this paper..

Thursday, June 24, 2010
11:49 PM

ARGH! to hell with cardiovascular system!!!wts..
took so many many many hours and still dun get a single shyt..
dammit! and its the end of thurs already..crap
i'm soo gonna screw up the ICA for physiology..

just heard about uncle..
scared? depressed?? worried???
it's hard to NOT worry/be depressed/ scared..
oh shyt feel like crying..
to hell with emotions!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
9:53 PM

crap..haven't really been studying much these few days..
and physiology and biomechanic ica is just round the corner..
oh dear..
there's so much things to memorise for physiology..
the names of organs, the parts of it, know which goes where, all the weird names to remember, what the organ/part of the organ does..
and to top it all off..i have no bio background whatsoever..
need so much more effort to study physiology..
i'm just about to go crazy and give up..
this is seriously crazy..
and 4 more weeks till kinesiology prac exam again..
so many more muscles to memorise..
origin, insertion, the action, the palpation, the stabilization..OMTIAN AH!!!
really can make me go crazy..
my kine prac is on week 14..4-5 weeks fom now..and kine ica is week 16..
all the theory tested for the 2nd prac exam and also the shoulder muscles and what nots..
how am i going to study and keep up with the load..
and this is just the first semester of YEAR 1..
can't imagine the amount of workload and stress yet to come =.=||

and now to close to entry.. here's wishing vivien ALL THE BEST for tml's interview!!! =] hwaiting!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010
10:10 PM

and i can finally start reading it!
i must be crazy...
been chionging the series these past two days..
half more to go..
trying to finish it by TODAY!

then start studying tml...~
kay..update finish!
continue reading!!!