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Thursday, November 17, 2011
8:48 PM

i've moved to http://onlyicandefinemyself.wordpress.com/ :))

7:55 PM

Yesterday's MS prac made me come out in tears.
what the shit. really dislike the way Shiek questions you. It totally made me lose any shred of confidence I have in myself.
I starte out my reasoning just fine. that is until he started laughing at whatever I said. ARGH!
then question and laugh question me and laugh. OMG the horror.
I was feeling so frustrated.! hate that kind of feeling.
lesson learnt: DO NOT ever let Shiek make me feel less confident of myself anymore.!!

there's the pre-clinicals assessment.
It should have been sent to our school email by 5pm. to be completed within 24hours.
s ohow the hell am I gonna get it completed before i go to school at 10am tml? and lessons are from 10-6 tml NON-STOP. howhowhow??
so annoyed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011
10:34 PM

Saw *that bastard* friend on wed, heard of some things regarding *that bastard*.
Got totally disgusted by what I heard.
Till now, I still can't shake it out of my mind.
Why was I so blind to have loved him like I did.
Don't even know if i still think of him now. FML.


Dunno what I wanna do with my life.
Sometimes I feel all stressed up when I think of all the things that needs to be studied and completed.
But, most of the time, I just can't feel the urge to go ahead and start working on all of it.
Stressed but not wanting to do any work. Ironic isn't it?
Sometimes I really wonder if I'm really cut out for this line of work. There are just so many "what if"s and so many insecurities.
Sometimes I would think of the possibility of me repeating the year in fear of screwing somebody's leg/ arm up.

~will my mr right ever appear?~

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
10:14 PM

doubt i'm able to sleep early again tonight :(
nose blocked max again.
med like not working at all.
don't come near me.

things to do for tonight:
1.) read 20 page article on degenerative tendons and exercise
2.) Motor Re-learning Programme (haven't open that file, dunno how long it is)
3.) prepare exercise to train serratus anterior
4.) re-read the article i read yesteday cuz i didn't get what it was saying
5.) re-read my article and write out a summary

how to sleep early like that!!!! T.T
and i'm still sick.
can i ever get well??

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
11:58 PM

been AGES since i last bloggged. totally forgot that this even existed. HAHA. well, i need a means to vent and so, i'm back here again!

and i'm still awake.

bad nose infection + friggin blocked nose + irritable throat + drowsiness from medicine + 12 page long article = dead ME.

this constant stress from school is making me so sick and tired of it. Why does singapore only has physiotherapy as a diploma course, but we're like working so HARD. something is defnitely wrong with the education system. IT.IS.SERIOUSLY.WARPED. rah!!

i think before we graduate, we will be the ones who needs therapy -.-

i mean, come on man! we are humans too... the amount of workload is so scary. never been this stressed. not even A levels could scare me in the past.
i've finally met my nemesis.. LOL.

procrastinating now.definitely.obviously. haha..
i should be reading the 12 page article on mal-treating infants. HOWEVER, it is so "cheem" that i don't get half of what's written >.< dumb or what! haha..

alrighty~ no more procrastinating for a while. imma finish looking for related articles and head for bed. hopefully before 1am. *fingers crossed*