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Date of Birth: March19
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
10:13 PM

been jobless for 2 weeks already.
although that leaves me with no money but..
it gives me the chance to spend more time with my family, something which i haven't been doing since last year. kinda regretted it.
so now i'm gonna put family as my priority(should have done that a loong time ago)
been helping out at parents' stall these 2 weeks. CNY has led to increase in customers, which is a good thing, but that caused my parents to be quiet exhausted. =[
plus, its a tradition to open till late at night in the market 1 day before new year eve and the crowd is gonna be scary. i asked around s13 to see if theres anybody willing to help out. so PRISCILLA and ZHEN WEI said ok! ^^ thanks a lot! your help is very much appreciated!! asked darling XIN YI too..i'm so glad she's here to help out even though she has 5 history essays to do..THAnKS BABE! luv ya!! ^^

currently learning cooking from dad..haha..
managed to cook dinner for the whole family yesterday..it wasnt't that bad..surprisingly!
eh but i ended up burning my arm cuz of my carelessness. haha..
gonna work harder to be a better cook..hopefully there will be improvements^^