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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
10:25 PM

hoho! spent quite a lot yesterday even though i'm like currently jobless..

went out with Jow-An (that's how hwee noy pronounced it..lol..right jo??) haha
i was late la..damn pai seh..somemore late for like more than 30minutes! gosh..really gotta kick this bad habit mine.
anyways, we met up for lunch and movie..
luch at MOF followed by movie- Valentine's Day.
the food not bad ah. we ate quite a lot. and when we were paying the bill, one of the waiter told us that if we came/ordered our food about 20 minutes later, we could have 30% discount cuz of student special.damn!
then there was the movie.the show not bad ah. it's somewhat sweet. lots of kiss scene.lol.
after that went bedok blk 85 for dinner with some of the peeps from 08s13. woah long time nv see them already! the food was alright la..but the standard wasn't up to my expections from what i heard about. haha..the sting ray was bad, cuz the meat was like hard! then the "hokkien mee" was too salty. the hokkien mee at the coffeeshop near my place tasted much better than that.

and here are 2 pics of the day..lol.


and that's darling JOjo!!