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Sunday, February 21, 2010
5:32 PM


somebody relief me of this boredom!

i need a job..
any lobangs anyone???
rotting here!!!

many people working now, it's so difficult to find people to go out with me nowadays.
it's been a long time since i've felt so lonely =[
staring at the computer screen whole day long, if not that, then i'll be at my parents' stall slacking.
no life ~ even though A levels over already..
nobody pei me...

used to have a gd relationship with you, but i guess i blew it huh..
i guess it's my fault that we ended up like that.
how i wish we are close again just like in the past.
i know that i shouldn keep thinking about the past and move on, but it's just hard.
ah whatever. just ignore my ramble.

going out with dear joanne tml, then meeting sheree and a few others at BEDOK for dinner tml. gosh so far.
plus, the crazy stabbing guy hasn't been caught yet, so it's kind of scary to go home late >.<
i'm so gonna leave bedok at 9 tml.