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Name: Olivia^^ (OLI!)
Date of Birth: March19
Horoscope Sign: Pisces

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
11:18 PM

olivia tay looks super weird now.
went to rebond my hair yesterday on a whip just because i felt like it.
my hair now looks super weird cuz the top part is too flat. besides this, i'm quite satisfied with the outcome..lol..
went to Courts to change the radio remote control cuz the sales person gave us thewrong one. Had to go back to causeway point to change it. the person who served me this time round had super bad service and attitude. he made me wait for like 10 mins before he went to look for the correct comtroller. plus he was texting people in the midst of checking the controller. and he was actually unhappy cuz he thought I was the one who made a mistake. Damn!! that took quite sometime..
after which i went to tm to meet some of the ppl from s13 for movie- tooth fairy.
funny show..sheree was laughing so loudly! haha i was too..HEHE!
well overall the show is not bad if you like a good laugh^^
got an interview tomorrow at 10am..hope i get the job!!!