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Thursday, February 4, 2010
12:52 AM

seriously..some ppl is just bloody annoying and too free and go off barking at others, scolding them whatever they wish and don't even bother to go and find out the reason. and then he goes off again and scold ppl again just cuz he doesn't know who i'm refering to. "sometimes people are too absorbed with themselves till the extent that the world revolves around them, without looking at themselves in the mirror and blames the world for voicing out" this was what he wrote...
i think this is more like him refering to himself.
now this is targetted at him:
just cuz you are TOO FREE and too NARCISSISTIC , doesn't give you the right to go and shoot your head off at others without even understanding the whole situation first. YOU claim that others are weird when in fact, YOU are the one who's friggin weird. seriously. YOU are the one in a foul mood and YOU go around acusing others of what they have not done JUST BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS THINK THAT YOU ARE RIGHT! GET A LIFE MAN ASSHOLE!