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Name: Olivia^^ (OLI!)
Date of Birth: March19
Horoscope Sign: Pisces

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Thursday, February 4, 2010
1:37 AM

this is so disappointing man..we've been classmates for 2 years and NONE of you guys know what i'm like??? it's not 1 but the whole lot of you who went for the dinner tonight that misunderstood me. nice one..a job well done in getting to know your friend.
since when have i ever backed out of anything in the class? most of the time i'll be the one organising it or helping people to inform the rest of the class. and just this once i couldn't make it nobody gives me a chance to explain and ~viola~ the whole lot of you totally misunderstood me. really..GOOD JOB!
why do i even bother organising such stuffs when none of you appreciate it? why go through all the trouble?
and then there's still rui ting's birthday that needs to be organised. am i supposed to organise it this time round?? what's gonna happen if i don't do the organising??
seriously..you guys rock BIG TIME..thanks for making my day UTTERLY HORRIBLE^^