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Sunday, May 23, 2010
10:12 PM

things are getting darn hectic/busy/CRAZY!!!
i'm seriously about to go insane..
sociology project is tough, even though it's interesting.
it's so difficult to get information on depressed patients' point of view, with all the folkway,mores and taboos..
spent so much time looking and researching for information only to get a few points. i feel so damn fking useless..i'm like not contributing at all la..wth..
why am i so lousy???

was sneezing like a mad woman yesterday, had slight fever, didn't study for prac exams at all ysd..
today, had to do practically all the housework cuz maid went back, after helping out in the market.
and to make things worse, mum had her mood swing...
fml man..

gotta go memorise all the origin and insertions of the shoulder muscles again..dammit brain..can you just store at least SOME of the things i tried to memorise??
argh..whole family is sleeping except me..wts is this..