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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
11:52 PM

biomechanics and physiology tests are both over, i should be feeling real happy now, partying and all..
but why aren't I the least bit happy..

i went simei straight after anatomy lecture and short proj meeting..
when i saw him i was utterly shocked..
how can a person change so much in such a short time??
he was walking perfectly fine the last time i saw him..
he had quite a hearty appetite the last time i saw him..
he had some weight around his face and tummy the last time i saw him..
he could walk long distances without panting, climb stairs without panting, walk without people supporting him, get out of bed without others' help the last time i saw him..
so why did he look so damn sickly and weak now???
i ABSOLUTELY ABHOR you cancer!!!!

she looked quite happy when i last saw her..
she had quite a tummy the last time i saw her..
so now why is she so thin and emo-ing all the time now???
that's why i REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE YOU cancer!!!!!

I feel so useless.
I don't have the power to do anything to help.AT ALL.
Why am I so USELESS?
somebody help.......

life is so fragile...
although i know everybody will have to die someday, but it just doesn't feel right to die at such an age, when your children are still young..
it's weird to know that the person that the children have been relying on will soon be gone and nobody will be there to support them anymore.
what is life???